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Thursday, June 20, 2013

John Dewey's Theory of Education

John Dewey is a legendary American educational reformer, revered psychologist and philosopher. He is a great representative for progressive education. 

I enjoyed researching Dewey because of his simple, progressive ideas about education. His beliefs continuously reiterate the message that learning is all about being interactive and having as many social experiences as possible. 

Dewey truly believed that students learn more efficiently and gain a better grasp of concepts when learning is interactive. Every single student has the right to a great education, and all students thrive when they can learn in a hands-on environment. All students should have a chance to be interactive in their education. 

He also believed that a learning environment is not solely about grasping concepts being taught in a curriculum. School is about learning how to live life - which is something I really believe in. 

School prepares children for life in many ways; not just academically. Being in an interactive social setting teaches children what they truly need to succeed in life: how to respect others, self-discipline, organization skills, hard work... the list goes on. 

Teachers are not just people who spit out information to their students. Teachers mold minds and mold the souls of the students around them. 

"to prepare him for the future life means to give him command of himself; it means so to train him that he will have the full and ready use of all his capacities" - John Dewey

Education is also a great way to bring about social change and improvements to our society, according to Dewey.

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